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5 years ago our lives changed

• April 5, 2018

For the past 5 years this day meant something  … this year, it’s just another day.  I worked today, just like I did that day 5 years ago.  I’ve thought about him today, just like I did that day.  But today I don’t have him to celebrate. I don’t have to make plans to go […]

Cassie & Murphy together at the Bridge

• January 24, 2018

Friday’s weather was nice (well, for Michigan in January, 37 is fairly  nice!) and we took Cassie outside in her wheelchair.  She had a wonderful time walking down the sidewalk, stopping to eat snow, walking in the street, sniffing the air.  We spent about 30 minutes letting her walk and sniff – the longest time […]

Happy 12th Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge

• January 16, 2018

Today would have been when we celebrated Murphy’s birthday. He was about 8 months old when we adopted him, so we don’t know his exact birthday, so this is the day that was guestimated as his day. A year ago we were celebrating with peanut butter apple cupcakes, this year it’s just another day. I […]

A Long 6 Months

• December 25, 2017

Well actually, it’s been 6 months and 12 days, but who’s counting?  A lot has happened in those months. Cassie’s bulging discs & arthritis are getting worse.  We’ve done all kinds of therapy – acupuncture, laser, laser acupuncture, electronic acupuncture, toe-up shoe, medications and we even tried the water treadmill (that was a bust!).  She’s […]

There is Life After Death

• September 12, 2017

As we all know, life does move on.  As hard as that is to admit, we keep on going.  There is no time to just curl up in a ball and hold on to the sadness that could so easily engulf us.  I’m not saying that I’m not sad, or that I don’t have bad […]