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5 years ago our lives changed

For the past 5 years this day meant something  … this year, it’s just another day.  I worked today, just like I did that day 5 years ago.  I’ve thought about him today, just like I did that day.  But today I don’t have him to celebrate. I don’t have to make plans to go pick him up at the hospital or to figure out recovery.  Yes, as time goes on, it’s gotten easier, but days like today brings it all back.

Miss you Murph <3





~ by midnighter94 on April 5, 2018 .

10 Responses to “5 years ago our lives changed”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Sweet, sweet, sweet photos Donna. Perfect photos for today. Beautiful memories…happy smile making memories.

    We will ALWAYS celebrate Murphy for a lot of reasons, but especially for being one of THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL BEACONS OF HOPE this site has ever seen!

    We mentien Murphy soooo often with new members who are devastated and feardul when theynheart the “diagnosis” and the “statistics”. Murphy uplifts them and gives them hope.

    Murphy touched sooooo many lives…and continues to do so.

    I know Murphy and Cassie are having a ball at the Bridge and feeling so good and so strong….together.

    Lots of love Donna,
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2.   midnighter94 Says:

    Thank you so much Sally. You always lift my heart!

  3.   dobemom Says:

    Some days will be forever etched into our brains. For me, it is June 17, and July 25, that will never be forgotten. It’s amazing how we are transported back in time, and can remember every little detail about “that” day. And it’s true, it does get a little easier at times, and then BAM! it’s as hard as ever. I’m thankful our Tripawd warriors brought us together, and I hope they are together at the bridge, waiting for us.

    Much love,

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    •   midnighter94 Says:

      I’m so thankful, too, that they brought us together! I’m sure they’re racing around at the bridge enjoying the sunshine, while we endure the snow.

  4.   Michelle Says:

    Yep, Days like this always etched in our minds. Mine Oct 10 (possible diagnosis, Nov 14 amputations, Aug 20,2013). It does get easier but still doesn’t change these days hurt.

    The positive is we get to celebrate Murphy every day and that he was a true hero. I am so honored to have gotten to meet him. Murphy is still giving every day. Every time you share his story it help someone.

    Hoppy Ampuversary at the Bridge Murphy. Hope you all had cake
    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  5.   linda8115 Says:

    Hugs Donna! Yes these days do take a toll on the heart don’t they? But your miracle boy touched so many on his journey and even now continues to give so much hope to others. Murphy will always be our miracle boy and perhaps the happiest dog I ever met! He was always smiling! Truly he left a huge legacy here! ❤️❤️

    •   midnighter94 Says:

      Thanks Linda, they really do take a toll on my heart. Murphy was always smiling, right up until the very end.

  6.   jerry Says:

    Oh my gosh yes, the ampuversary date is a biggie. We were all such scared, nervous mammas back then when we went through it, right? And now…this whole journey, as sucky as it was to have to go through it, makes us so much smarter, wiser and better pet parents.

    Murphy may not be here physically to do something to acknowledge this day, but in your life, he will always be around to make things better for you and all the furry kids who are so lucky to be loved by you.


    •   midnighter94 Says:

      Yes! I remember how scared I was, walking away from him there I felt like the worst parent ever! But then when we saw him after & he was so happy to see me <3 He hopped all the way out to the car, looking over his shoulder for me. Thanks, Rene!

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