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Our World Has Changed So Much

April 4, 2013 is the day our world changed.  It’s the day Murphy lost his leg and we started learning what life was like with a Tripawd.    Over the next 4+ years Murphy taught us all so much about resilience, determination and living life one day at a time.  He never let it get him down, he loved everyone he met, and he was a wonderful ambassador.  When he ran the fence and face-planted, he just got up and kept running.  He proved “them” wrong when they said he’d only make it 12-18 months – he just kept going!  We didn’t do anything special – yes, he got chemo; yes, he switched to a grain-free diet; but we didn’t go raw, we didn’t do any supplements, we didn’t do any of those other things I’ve seen people do for their pets in similar situations.  Why were we so lucky?  I don’t know.

So now our world has changed again.  Social distancing, working from home, people are wearing masks, children are home from school and everyone is afraid.  Today while I have Murphy on my mind, I saw a beautiful bright red cardinal land on our deck and I smiled; a few minutes later a commercial on TV featured a Tripawd dog and I knew that Murphy was thinking of me too <3  He’s letting me know that he’s here and he’s happy.

So, Hoppy Ampuversary at the Bridge Sweet Murphy!


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4 Responses to “Our World Has Changed So Much”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    The Cardinal? The tripawd dog? All while he was in uour thpughts roday? Murphy clearly let you know there never will be any “distance separating you! Nope, not when you’re one heart💖

    Murphy is ALWAYS such an inapiration of hope here! He is DEFINITELY the reason some dogs do get the amputation and DO get extended quality time! DEFINITELY!

    And he is definitely a Goodwill Ambassador. He has met sooo many people during his tripawd journey….even fellow “Team Murphy hoomans” He has has been honored and paid tribute to in so many ways😎 To be recognized for blowing statistics oit pf rhe water too!
    Murphy’s Legacy continues touching lives through time and space.

    It was such to be on this journey with Murphy and his hoomans and his pack. An honor and fun and so many reasons
    to celebrate! So many “versaries” and victories and milestones😎

    The pictures you shared today were just perfect. To be such a Warrior, his gentleness came shining through.

    With love❤
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2.   dobemom Says:

    Hoppy Ampuversary at the Bridge, sweet Murphy! Its hard to believe 7 years have gone by since you started your tripawd journey. I was thinking about you too, as I have this marked on my calendar. Your mom is right, it sure is a different world out there today…scary and uncertain times we live in – sort of like when we all started our Tripawd Journey, scary and uncertain. This too will pass, hopefully in time for our Tripawd friends to reunite in August. Murphy, how about getting all your friends at the Bridge together and working some magic for your hoomans? We NEED to be together again; and while you’re at it, tell Nitro his mama loves him!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  3.   jerry Says:

    Awww Hoppy Ampuversary Murphy! Bet you had a big ol pawty up there at the Bridge, because you are such a friend to all and a loving spirit…totally irresistible!

    I love how Paula compared the pandemic emotions to amputation emotions…yeah, very similar eh? In so many ways, Murphy and all his friends prepared us to cope with life’s most difficult circumstances. And now he sends birdies to us to give reminders about taking time to listen to our animal heroes. So cool. I have no doubt that that little birdie was a message from Murphy. Very cool.

    Thanks for sharing another ampuversary in heaven with us. Murphy will forever light the way for others to walk a path of hope and love when they get that amputation diagnosis. He lives on in the Tripawds Nation.

    Love you guys. Stay healthy, keep in touch and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your friendship and community support over the years. We are furever grateful.

  4.   Michelle Says:

    Happy Ampuversary at the Bridge Murphy. I see your wonderful banner on here a lot. Say Hi to you all the time when i do. I was glad to get to meet you and that you brought your mom and dad into our lives here.

    Make sure you all work some magic so we can get together in August and celebrate all of you

    michelle & Angels Sassy, Bosch & Baby Simba

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