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Cassie & Murphy together at the Bridge

Friday’s weather was nice (well, for Michigan in January, 37 is fairly  nice!) and we took Cassie outside in her wheelchair.  She had a wonderful time walking down the sidewalk, stopping to eat snow, walking in the street, sniffing the air.  We spent about 30 minutes letting her walk and sniff – the longest time she’s ever spent in her wheelchair.  She really seemed comfortable and like she was having a good time.


This was a work-weekend for me, so my husband was home with the crew.  On Saturday, Glenn texted me that Cassie seemed not quite right – she didn’t want her pill (anti-inflammatory for her arthritis) and she didn’t want to go outside.  I thought maybe she had just over-done it the day before, so I suggested a towel warmed up in the drier applied to her back and using her massager to her shoulders.  He said those things seemed to help.

That evening he took Cassie outside about 7:30, then brought her back in and she laid down in the living room.  Glenn returned to the family room and I was on my way home from work.  When I walked in around 8pm, Cassie was gone – she was laying peacefully and it didn’t look as though she had struggled at all.

Cassie was a Daddy’s girl.  She loved to “groom” us after a shower (or our grandchildren after a bath or the pool lol) …she loved wet hair!  She didn’t care for strangers, especially men wearing dark clothes, but she absolutely loved children, and anyone at the drive-through window.  She took care of any animal that came into our house, but she didn’t like the ones in the yard.  Her favorite thing to do was to watch out the window – whether it was the front window to watch the road, or the patio door to watch the park behind us, no one was getting past her!  She adored our grandchildren – they were her babies!  We adopted her as a puppy not long after my son graduated high school and she’s been with us for over 13 years.  She loved to dress up in frufru collars, but Murphy & Max would pull them off – they thought it was a game.









It’s just so hard to believe that we’ve lost 2 dogs so close together – just over 7 months apart. I think that taking care of Cassie helped with our grieving for Murphy, but now it’s just all on top of us. Our hearts are truly broken.  Maybe she just missed Murphy so much that she needed to be with him again.


he loved Cassie right from the beginning


Donna & Glenn


~ by midnighter94 on January 24, 2018 .

12 Responses to “Cassie & Murphy together at the Bridge”

  1.   kahlua Says:

    Sorry for your loss. She sounds like a lovely dog❤️And it looks like you gave her a great fulfilling life

  2.   krun15 Says:

    Oh you guys! I’m so sorry, I know you are devastated.
    It must be that Cassie’s job here was done- she left on her own timeline and on her own terms.
    I hope it gives you some comfort picturing the two of them together again. I know when Maggie’s little sis Tani crossed I spent time imagining the reunion- for my girls it was probably some playing, then a fight, then sleeping in a pile together as inseparable as they always were.
    Lean on your friends here- the strength of the Tripawd Nation will help you through.

    Karen and The Spirit Pug Girls

  3.   linda8115 Says:

    Sobbing here for you, Glenn, your entire family, Murphy and Cassie. I do know how hard it is to loose two so close together. It truly can rip your heart to absolute shreds. Your pictures speak volumes about the love Cassie got and the love Cassie gave back out. I can take solace knowing however that she and Murphy are back together again. And boy I can sure tell what she’ll be doing in heaven. For sure she’ll be “mothering” all those Angel puppies and kittens that went before their time. And she’ll be loving every minute of it. Fly free “Mama Cassie'”! Sending much love and many hugs!!

  4.   dobemom Says:

    Oh how my heart hurts for you guys! I’ll never forget what Deb (Baby Bandit’s mom) said to me once….when they leave us, it’s because they were needed more in heaven. Maybe she really did need to be with Murphy more than you needed her here. We all know that dogs grieve too. It’s small consolation, I’m sure, but to know they are together again can maybe bring tears of joy at some point. And to cross the Bridge without suffering is a blessing. She hung around long enough to mentor Cooper for a bit, and help ease him into your famliy. It’s never easy to lose a treasured friend, the greater the love, the harder the loss. Run free sweet girl, happy and whole, with your buddy Murhpy.

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  5.   sebastiandoodle Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys during this time – great pictures of the two of them. I’m sure they are running and jumping around pain-free and worry-free.

  6.   Purrkins Says:

    I am so very sorry to read Cassie had to leave and be with Murphy !
    I know this will double that pain and there will be a bigger part of your lives missing now! More of the pieces missing! There are never any words to make this better it hurts and takes time. Time doesn’t erase the pain we will always miss them. I think in time we just learn to manage things better.

    What I know is Murphy was waiting for her! Our animals mourn like humans and I wouldn’t be surprised that she missed her Murphy so much she decided she needed to go see him.

    I am glad she left peacefully at home & had one last wonderful day out in her wheels.

    They are having a great time together and I think you might just be able to see your signs now that they are both there? I hope so it provides a sense of ease to see the signs. It does not help with the pain or the loss but it’s something that brings a little hello we are ok Mom & Dad we are here and together! It will bring more tears too. When life slows down look for them ok. They will show you they are ok in some form!

    Run Free Cassie & say Hi to Murphy for us !
    Holly, Mark, Purrkins & Saxton❤️

  7.   benny55 Says:

    Like so many here, the first thought I had through the tears when I heard Cassie had ro head ro the Bridge the other day, was that Murphy and Cassie were together.

    It’s still my thought today.

    The pictures and description you posted of her day Friday WILL comfort you once the grief subsides some. That Cassie was at HOME and she had a nice warm massage from her Daddy WILL being comfort to you once the grief subsides some. As you already know, the grief doesn’t go away, it just gets pushed further into the background. And as you cry so desperately for your Cassie, your wounds are still so fresh from the loss of Murphy that it all seems unbearable and never ending.

    I know it was so hard to post this today, but I’m soooo glad you did. As Karen said, the strength of yiur Tripawd Family will help carry you through.

    Murphy was adored by us all. We got to know him so well. Some even got to meet him in person, some of us got to meet his humans and felt his presence through a tee-shirt! 🙂

    And through Murphy’s posts here, your facebooger posts, and now this BEAUTIFUL tribute with treasured pictures, we get to know as a yongster, as a senior, and everything in between.

    I never knew a puppy’s eyes could start out sooooo blue!!

    The pictures that show off her mug….PRICELESS!! She had such a unique muzzle. Actually, everything about her was unique!

    To know she didn’t like anyone or anything in her yard, yet, once they were inside they came under her protection. Sweeet! 🙂 The kids, the cats, you and Glenn….all “hers”.

    The picture with Murphy and Cassie running so happily oitdoors…..that’s how ai envision them at the Bridge.

    “Follow me Cassie!! Follow me!! Look!!! We’re running wild and free…and each of us are on four legs!!! WOOF! WOOF!!”:-)
    Rumor hasnitnMurphy and all the Bridge occupants all wore fru-fru collars to greet Cassie and welcome her home! 🙂

    Thank you for the PRIVILEGE ov allowing us to celebrate Cassie’z PERFECT life with you!! It’s truly an honore.

    With love and surrounding you with Cassie and Murphy’s eternal light

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  8.   benny55 Says:

    Cassie and Murphy always together.

    Couldn’t make the photo show. Hope you can see it.

  9.   midnighter94 Says:

    This is Glenn,i thought i was over crying guess not,not a manly to admit but Cassie was a daddys girl.working thru some guilty feelings right,my baby girl was about 15 feet away in another room and i didn’t know she was dying,what if i had just taken a peek,did i miss something thru the day,etc,etc.i have gone over it 100 times and can say no,i thought she had a rough day from before.when we found her i knew something was wrong,she would sleep heavy and slow breath,i always looked at her belly for movement,there was none this time.i honestly think she had passed no more than 5 minutes when we found her.I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU GUYS HAVE GIVEN US.this grief will pass,but all our furbabies will always be in my heart.

  10.   Michelle Says:

    Donna, Glenn and family,
    I am so sorry for your loss of Cassie. I know it hasn’t been easy with Murphy being gone and she was not walking the best. She did awesome with her cart.
    I couldn’t believe it when Glenn posted she was gone. I started crying right away.

    Everyone one of these pictures shows the love you had for her. Cassie is romping and playing with Murphy healthy now until they meet you at the Bridge.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  11.   linda8115 Says:

    Oh Glenn ((())). Please don’t beat yourself up. There was nothing…..nothing you could’ve done. Cassie was where Cassie always went after she came back in. Perhaps it was a place where she felt closer to Murphy. She didn’t need to be right next to you to feel your love. She knew she was her Daddy’s girl. And you didn’t miss anything. You were always on top of everything! You are the BEST doggie Daddy EVER!! She went to sleep wrapped in your love and woke up with Murphy kisses. Together forever!!

  12.   jerry Says:

    Donna and Glenn, we were so sad to hear about your sweet Cassie. Please know there’s no way you could have predicted when she would pass. By giving her the best life ever, for her entire life, that’s all that matters. She went peacefully and knowing she was surrounded by the people she cared about the most. What a life! And now she is with Murphy, no longer grieving for her spirit brother and free to be young, healthy and joyful for eternity.

    There is no timeline for healing, so be good to each other. Losing two family members so close together is incredibly rough, so know that it will probably take twice as long as when Murphy passed, to find a way to smile again. Hang in there though, and know that you can lean on us throughout your healing journey.

    With all the love in the world coming your way,
    Rene, Jim, Wyatt Ray & Spirit Jerry

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