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There aren’t enough words to say Thank You

• June 28, 2017

So I’ve never really been very good at sending cards or letters.  I’m so bad that most years my Christmas cards get mailed out on December 23rd, and a couple of times I just haven’t sent them out at all.  And I’ve never been good at putting things into words, especially in writing.  I had […]

There’s just never enough time …. we had to say good-bye

• June 15, 2017

I knew that someday I would have to write this blog, but I kept hoping “not yet.” In May when we left for our 2 week vacation in Ireland, I thought, “not yet.”  Murphy was doing well and my son came to stay at our house with the dogs.  I was so afraid that something […]

Still Kicking Cancer’s Butt 4 years Later!

• April 5, 2017

Yep, that’s what I said, 4 years!!!! 4 years ago today Murphy had his surgery. wow.  So much has happened in that time.  I’ve made so many friends!  We’ve learned so many things.  Murphy is still a sweet, stubborn, happy dog.  He’s a bit slower than he was, but he can run the fence when he […]

Murphy went to the chiropractor

• February 21, 2017

So we’re late joining the bandwagon, lol, which is weird because I’ve been going to a chiropractor for many, many years.  But there really isn’t a canine chiropractor anyplace near us, so I really had to do some research to find one to go to. We’ve been a bit concerned lately because Murphy’s been slowing […]

Happy 11th Birthday!

• January 15, 2017

Murphy is 11 today!!!   He got steak & an apple/peanut butter muffin.  Of course there was enough to share with Cassie & Max, too!        They devoured it in about 2 seconds lol.  No appreciation at all! Donna