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Dental Cleaning

Murphy used to have beautiful white teeth.  But the past couple of years they’ve gotten more & more build-up on them and his breath has gotten horrid.  Last spring at his check-up our vet suggested a dental cleaning, but I declined.  At the time I told him that Murphy was 3 years post-op and way past what his prognosis had been, and I was afraid to have him go under general anesthesia because I was sure that he probably had some lung metastasis by now.  So, he prescribed some antibiotics for him – clindamycin twice a day for 10 days every month, it’s an old-school treatment to kill the bacteria in his mouth.  That, I was willing to do (well, until I had to pay for the antibiotics! lol $78 yikes!).

But with the clear x-rays last month I started thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to finally get this done for him.  He’s lost a couple of teeth in the front and his gums are red, so I worry that maybe his teeth are painful and it probably hurts to eat.   So last week he got his blood work done – and it came back perfect!  🙂  And on Monday he started on antibiotics.

Then came this morning.  Well.  He was fine when I went to bed last night.  And he was fine when my husband got up for work and let the dogs outside.  But 15 minutes later he let them in and Murphy just laid down inside the door whining.  He wouldn’t walk and he kept crying.  It seemed like it might be his front leg that hurt so I put some ice on it and gave him a Carprofen.  When I got back up a little while later, he still whined, but I still couldn’t pinpoint where he was hurt, until I tried to turn his head aside to get to his shoulder – then he yelped.  So I wondered if maybe it was his neck/shoulder area that was hurt?  I did some massage to the area and let him rest some more.  When we left for the vet’s he was able to walk out & get into the car pretty well.

I made sure to tell the techs exactly what happened, as far as I knew.  They offered to re-schedule, but I was pretty sure he probably just tweaked something while he was outside.  I left him there and left the decision up to the doctor when he got in.  Murphy ended up with 5 or 6 extractions and came home with some Tramadol & more antibiotics.  He’s mostly been resting today, but he did eat some canned food tonight.  And he does have some beautiful white teeth!








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7 Responses to “Dental Cleaning”

  1.   mom2shelby Says:

    oh wow…. that’s scary! But those are definitely some pearly whites now!!! I am always anxious about dental cleanings… Shelby had a couple and I was always so stressed out. Glad Murphy has pretty new teeth. I bet that was mighty painful too!!! Good boy, Murph!

    Alison with Spirit Shelby and little Jasper too

  2.   dobemom Says:

    I’m glad he made it through the procedure and is home safe and sound; now you;ll have to get him a toothbrushe of his very own to keep them pearly white. I was almost afraid to talk to you today, when you said “are you home?”…my heart sank to my stomach as I prepared to hear bad news. So happy to hear it was nothing really major, but just enough to make your hair a little grayer – I think our assessment was correct…..”these dogs WILL be the death of us yet! 🙂

    Paula and Nitro

  3.   Michelle Says:

    I am glad he is home safe & sound. His teeth look wonderful 🙂 Probably just tweaked a muscle that seems to happen quite a bit with the front amputees. Lots of wonderful drugs for him

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4.   benny55 Says:

    I’m sure you were on pins and needles waiting for surgery to be done!” And then dealing with the sore leg…UGH!!

    Murphy is such a champion though, not to mention a ROCK STAR!!! 🙂 And ROCK STARS have to have pearly whites!!

    Murphy, I had ro out sunglasses on looking at those pictures showing off your smile!

    Love you sweet boy!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5.   benny55 Says:

    PS…How is his sore leg?

    •   midnighter94 Says:

      It’s better! I think maybe it was his neck, I don’t know. I’m sure the Tramadol is helping! lol He’s supposed to get it every 12 hours, but last night he was whining while he was sleeping under the kitchen table, so I gave it early, then gave another dose this morning. But by this afternoon when he went out I got some tail wags 🙂 He’s walking straight, eating and going outside without a problem, so I think he’s feeling better. He actually lost a total of 9 teeth.

  6.   jerry Says:

    Ohhhh Murphy I’m glad it was ‘only’ your teeth. But still, that must have hurt like crazy. I’m glad your leg is good!

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